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...lex 3-space). Title: Nilpotent Jacobians: Author(s): Hubbers, E ... Dynamics of Maps with Nilpotent Jacobians - CORE ... .M.G.M. Publication year: 1998: Publisher: Nijmegen : [S.n.] Some nilpotent Jacobians with independent rows In this section we classify all the polynomial mappings of the form H = ( u ( x , y ) , v ( x , y , z ) , h ( u ( x , y ) ) ) for which the Jacobian matrix JH is nilpotent. Title: Nilpotent jacobians in dimension three: Author(s): Chamberland, M.; Essen, A.R.P. van den Publication year: 2006: Source: Journa ... Nilpotent - Wikipedia ... .; Essen, A.R.P. van den Publication year: 2006: Source: Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra ... This item appears in the following Collection(s) Faculty of Science [27392]; Open Access publications [52568] Freely accessible full text publications Dynamics of Maps with Nilpotent Jacobians Marc Chamberland Department of Mathematics Grinnell College Grinnell, Iowa 50112 May 17, 2005 Abstract. The Discrete Markus-Yamabe Conjecture(also known as the LaSalle Conjecture) imposed conditions on the Jacobian eigenvalues of a map in the hope of ensuring global attractivity...


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