2012 Race Photos

A few photos from the 2012 Northern Lights 300, which started from Martin Buser’s Happy Trails Kennel and ran to Finger Lake and return. Photos by Weil Jongmans, James Fee, Chris Hegener and Helen Hegener.

Race Marshall Bud Smyth, Race Manager Sue Allen, and Race Director Kathie Smith (photo by Helen Hegener)

Mushers, officials, and volunteers listen to instructions and advice (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteers Annette Fee and Rebecca Langholtz (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteers Lou Shrader and Kathie Smith (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteer Corinne Zurflueh-Smyth (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteer Rohn Buser (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteer Terry Langholtz (Helen Hegener)


Race volunteer Pam Aviza (Helen Hegener)


Race Marshall Sue Allen giving trail sweeps James Fee and Chris Hegener some last-minute advice (Helen Hegener)


Musher Sebastian Schnuelle flashes a smile before the race begins (Helen Hegener)


Ganglines stretched out, each team started from in front of their own dogtruck (photo by Helen Hegener)


Team #8, Leila Javradi-Babreh (Helen Hegener)


A team leaves from the starting area (Helen Hegener)


Another team heads out onto the trail (Helen Hegener)


As a photographer snaps a close shot, a team leaves Happy Trails Kennel (Helen Hegener)


Team #15, Vern Halter (Helen Hegener)


Team #16, Mike Santos (Helen Hegener)


Team #19, Ramey Smyth (Helen Hegener)


Another team leaving from Happy Trails Kennel (Helen Hegener)


Race Marshall Bud Smyth and Race Sponsor and Host Martin Buser (Helen Hegener)


Race Sponsor and Host Martin Buser and Race Manager Sue Allen (Helen Hegener)


A team runs under the Start banner and onto the trail (Helen Hegener)


On the trail out of Happy Trails Kennel (Helen Hegener)


Mitch Seavey on the trail to Finger Lake (photo by Weil Jongmans)


Trail sweeps and brothers James Fee and Chris Hegener (Helen Hegener)


Trail sweeps James Fee and Chris Hegener get ready to follow the last teams (Helen Hegener)


Corinne Zurflueh taking a trail report (Helen Hegener)


Kathie Smith and Mike Koskovich studying trail maps (Helen Hegener)


The communications room is a busy place (Helen Hegener)


The view from out on the trail to Finger Lake (photo by Chris Hegener)


Trail sweep Chris Hegener's photo of his freight sled and his brother James following (Chris Hegener)


Teams resting at the first checkpoint (Chris Hegener)


The trail sweeps wait at a distance as a musher tends to his dogs (Chris Hegener)


Dusk settles on the trail as the sweeps continue following the teams (Chris Hegener)


This thermometer bottomed out at minus 60 degrees below zero (Chris Hegener)


Making the best of a cold night in the Skwentna Crossing cabin (Chris Hegener)


Chris Hegener mends gear while waiting for dinner (photo by James Fee)


Trail sweeps getting back on the trail the next morning at Skwentna Crossing (Chris Hegener)


A musher leaves the Yentna checkpoint as the trail sweeps arrive (James Fee)


Trail Sweep James Fee with his brother John Fee and wife Annette, volunteers at the Skwentna checkpoint (Chris Hegener)


A musher readies his team to leave the Finger Lake checkpoint (James Fee)


Dropped dogs get a scenic flight back to Big Lake with pilot Mike Koskovich (James Fee)


Back in Big Lake volunteer Weil Jongmans helps unload dropped dogs (Helen Hegener)


Kathie Smith and pilot Mike Koskovich unload dropped dogs (Helen Hegener)


Dropped dogs hang out comfortably at the race communications center (Helen Hegener)


Some dropped dogs enjoy the cozy accommodations while waiting to be picked up (Helen Hegener)


Frosty-faced dogs return from the trail (Weil Jongmans)


Volunteer Corinne Zurflueh-Smyth takes another trail report (Helen Hegener)


Volunteer Weil Jongmans takes an opportunity to catch a catnap (Helen Hegener)

Please click these links for posts and photos of our 2012 Northern Lights 300 champion, Anjanette Steer, and a listing of our complete standings and finishing teams. There is also an article and more photos of the Northern Lights 300 at Helen Hegener’s Team and Trail for Alaska Dispatch.

Join us on January 25th for the 2013 running of the Northern Lights 300! And don’t forget our Prime Rib Fundraising Dinner on January 5th at the American Legion Post 35 in Wasilla – see you there!

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