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The 2017 Northern Lights 300

The 2017 Northern Lights 300 is set for Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 11:00AM; Start of 150 is 4:00PM

Letter to all NL300 mushers, January 20th, 2017: Click here (PDF)

Letter to all NL150 mushers, January 20th, 2017: Click here (PDF)

The rules for the 2017 NL300 are available in several formats:

As a PDF here. (Best one to print.)
As a web page here.
As a text document here.

And here is the entry form:

As a PDF here. (Best one to print.)
As a web page here.
As a text document here.

Archive: The 2016 Northern Lights 300

The 2016 Northern Lights 300 will start Friday, January 22 at Happy Trails Kennels.

The tracker is online: Here  Most current, but unofficial status.

Official racer status (confirmed by checkers) will be found here.

The 2016 musher gallery is here.

Updated  1/21/16

Here is the random draw of mushers and start numbers signed up for 2016 Northern Lights 300.

  1. Matthew Failor
  2. Ellen Halverson
  3. Brenden Jackson
  4. Misha Wijles
  5. James Volek
  6. Tracey Schaeffer
  7. Michael Baker
  8. Adam Worsell
  9. Meredith Mapes
  10. Roger Lee
  11. Andy Pohl
  12. Joe Carson
  13. Jodi Bailey
  14. Mari Troshynski
  15. Jim Lanier
  16. Joar Leifseth Ulsom
  17. Otto Balogh
  18. Rick Casillo
  19. Justin Savidis
  20. Sebastien Vergnaud
  21. Kristy Berington
  22. Mille Porsild
  23. Karin Hendrickson
  24. Thomas Rosenbloom
  25. Elliot Anderson
  26. Tom Schonberger
  27. Ryan Redington
  28. Margaret Maixner
  29. Charley Bejna
  30. Becca Moore
  31. Sarah Stokey
  32. Justin Stielstra
  33. Wyatt Suchecki.


As per race rules… “There will not be a waitlist and no refunds. If you have officially registered for the race and decide not to race, you may sell your spot to another musher pre-approved by the NL race committee.”

Mushers should check NL Facebook page for updates as the season progresses. Major changes and important information will be communicated via email. We will send a test email out soon to make sure we have everyone’s correct email address.

Please read the rules in their entirety as we have made some changes from last year regarding checkpoints and layovers that will effect your planning.

Hope your early training is going well and that we’ll see some freeze up and snow soon.


Rules for the 2016 Northern Lights 300 are posted on this website along with entry forms. Please read all the rules carefully prior to sending in your application. As usual, some things have changed for the 2016 race as it is our goal to continually improve and evolve the race.

Notable changes to 2016 NL 300:

Applications will be accepted on October 1. Applications received prior to, or on that date will be opened in random order. If more than 40 entries are received, remaining applications and entry fees will be returned. There will NOT be a wait list and there will not be any refunds. Please read entry rules carefully.

Every team must take a mandatory 6 hour (plus start differential) in Yentna outbound.

The additional 12 hours may be taken at any other checkpoints or combination of checkpoints.

Checkpoint time will be counted as actual time. There will be no rounding down. Mushers will still be accountable for making sure all 18 hours of mandatory layover are completed prior to departing Yentna inbound.

Talvista Lodge will be a checkpoint, so rests there will count towards mandatory 18 hours and will be a food drop and dog drop. The race trail will proceed to Finger Lake from Yentna outbound and route through Talvista on return from Finger Lake on way to Yentna inbound.

There is a 40 team limit. Once 40 entries are accepted we will return all additional applications and money. We will NOT be keeping a wait list! If you register for the race and decide not to race, for whatever reason, you may sell your spot to another musher pre-approved by race committee.

We will be recruiting more vets, vet techs and checkers to work checkpoints in an attempt to streamline checking into and out of checkpoints.