Photos from the 2012 NL300 Race Start.
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Start Banner, photo by Wiel Jongmans

Dogtrucks lined out for the start, teams launched from in front of their trucks

Matthew Failor, #2, photo by Wiel Jongmans

Volunteers and spectators form a 'human chute' to help the team find the trail, photo by Wiel Jongmans

A team stretches its legs out on the trail, photo by Wiel Jongmans

Musher James Volek, photo by Wiel Jongmans

Mitch Seavey #24, photo by Wiel Jongmans


Race Marshall Bud Smyth and Race Mentor/Host/Judge Martin Buser


Ramey Smyth #19


Gerry Willomitzer, #6


Sebastian Schnuelle #5

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